The way this is done is simple: WhatsApp uploads the new versions first on their website, and then. Tryphon: Excuse, so you well know the legislation of Russia and Ukraine what to doubt? Once you install. Die kleinen Fotos sind beiwerk auf einer Karte des gr 221 und befinden sich auf einer öffentlichen Informationstafel. Hello, i remember i think it is for the best that you wait until you have a answer from our otrs team, otherwise your images will be deleted again. Elke gebruiker kan het nu doen. The image pages are cluttered and so much more difficult to edit, with all the contents of my original templates being pasted there. Category: Category name for example, if you are uploading a diagram showing the orbits of comets, you add the following code: Category:Astronomical diagrams Category:Comets This will make the diagram show up in the categories " Astronomical diagrams " and " Comets ". Rocket000 ( talk ) 02:57, (UTC) lol i don't know what happend to than image, it was on my startup page for Opera, i am afraid that every time i open Opera he reviews that images. I work for southpeak games aka southpeak interactive and I wanted to put our logo up on our site. Hello, i notice you deleted all images listed at Idalberto Chiavenato. 2.11.432, whatsapp Inc, wallpapers for, whatsApp, whatsApp, wallpaper is an official application from WhatsApp that lets you place tons of predefined wallpapers behind your WhatsApp conversations. foroa ( talk ) 07:31, (UTC) I will change that right away. Asent, asenda - : slovník cizích slov

Id -kaardi tarkvara saab nüd internetis uuendada, loe, kuidas! Haiguskollete piirid on ebaterved ja löbe elemendid. Kahjuks on jah hiina toidu valmistamise puhul sna jube, mis seal k gis toimub. Wasend, pro - no ads : Android - aplikace Ads stáhnout (13 výsledků) Historický dalekohled ewoe q58 na aukru

no tartu, igaunija. Eelroana (igale söjale 100-150g kerge einena (150-200g pearoana (150-400g lisandina pearoa kõrvale (50-75 g järelroana (100-150g).

10:05, (UTC) Furthermore, if you are going to be consistent, are you going to undelete everything from Commons:Deletion requests/2009/03/05 that wwas transcluded into the "ready for deletion" section? This is the first time i came across a situation like this where another approved image exists. Wikipedia" wordt voorop gesteld. Daarbij heeft de tekst uit de email maar een beperkte waarde aangezien het uit zijn verband getrokken kan zijn. Hmmm, ik zit even te kijken maar ik denk niet dat er echt informatie word weggehaald, er word wel informatie toegevoegd. Asend, y200 - android Fórum -pro

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Ka mul on ekseem, raske on süa ja naerda on valus. Estonia, tartu maakond, tartu, küni tänav,. ; koostaja silvi kuuse-kohu. Ekseem - üks nahahaigused.

Tryphon 23:53, (UTC) keep. Your deletion stated "non commercional which i assume means that you felt that by using the photo on wikipedia it was somehow breaking the non-Commercial rule. I dont broke rules any more i wll be more carefully and dont go with stupid ideas. Thank you for including the oher image. If the photo is taken by his sun or a other young person the image could still have copyright. I'll try to pay more attention next time.

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If I wasend assuming good faith I could have choose to warn the ip or block him, but i used assume good faith in my eyes when I deleted. lagos, todd Dusosky, greg Wheaton, Eduardo Christ, Alex tozer, matea wasend, reak kueth, rich Lessard, katelynn Fast, and leo barbosa. Artist: Asend Location: oakland, ca artist: Asend. Wasend Pro - no ads real Car Parking 2017 Street 3d apk.

Thank you for renaming my video so fast! We are here to make a image database not to destroy free images. In het auteursrechtencafé op de nederlandse wikipedia lopen ze een klein beetje te hard van stapel, zeer binnenkort gaan er officele mededelingen komen en een stemming over de gfdl licentie, iedereen kan in principe daar hun mening geven en er staat ook nog niks vast. Just move the template that says the bot reviewed the image. Mijn ervaring op andere projecten op wikipedia leert mij dat als je eenmaal zo'n controleur achter je aan hebt zitten, dat zeer hinderlijk kan zijn en discussies weinig zin hebben. Volgens mij zou je voor de duidelijkheid de eerste zinnen tekst en de tekst tussen de haakjes moeten omgedraaid, om het voor buitenstaanders duidelijker te maken. The list I compile above are always licensed freely and are good pictures.

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